Celebrating Spontaneous Goodwill

SHARE your act of #SpontaneousGoodwill or NOMINATE someone else for theirs. Tag @paulwalkerFDN and #SpontaneousGoodwill, we will share & celebrate some of the best stories. 4 people will win Paul Walker Foundation Merchandise on 11/4 when winners are announced. #DoGood


  • Chelsey

    For about a year, I used to volunteer at an animal shelter and I took care of cats and dogs that were abused and neglected. Since I’ve moved, I have joined a program that prepares you and gives you a knowledge of being a police(which protect people). I have also joined a medical academy which I soon hope to go study cardiology and help people by saving their life.

  • Ahmad Qureshi

    I Have Helped Poor Peoples. I Have Also Save A Life Of A Man.He Was Standing At Road But Suddenly He Said Me Help Me I Am Not Feeling Well And Suddenly He Cant Control Himself And He Failed To Control Himself Also And He Fall Down. Then I Take Him To The Hospital And Now He Is Fine.#spontaneousgoodwill

  • Lyndsay Mcvean

    I don’t have a story…I have many, for many people who have done good. I don’t feel I need to share a story but o do feel I need to share this post. You should share goodwill at all times, not because you feel you should but because you want to. That’s doing good. I hope the lucky winners enjoy their goodies. Good luck to you all but remember to #DoGood <3

  • Rachel McCann

    I would like to nominate my friend, Mia https://m.facebook.com/mia.mia.100 . I have yet to meet someone more driven to achieve their dream of helping others by becoming a doctor. Not only does Mia work herself to the bone to achieve good grades in her biomedicine degree, she spends her free time volunteering for the woman’s centre at her university. In fact, Mia is the woman’s rep at the university and organizes events focused on safety and well-being for woman in need. Mia also spends her time in one-on-one conversations with her fellow students who need someone to talk to in confidence. She is always very caring and attentive. Overall, she is an amazing person! #spontaneousgoodwill

  • Kimberlee

    I would like to nominate my friend Melissa Hyman​!www.facebook.com/melissa.hyman.90 She is a worker at my 5 year old school Jowonio. He is a special needs child and Melissa has helped us with everything from getting to doctors appts to registering for Kindergarten! She is a wonderful, helpful person who puts everyone else before her self while battling cancer!#‎SpontaneousGoodwill‬

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